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Principles of the Gambia Network

The Gambia Network is open to initiatives, individuals and enterprises, who are engaged in The Gambia. You may join the Gambia Network by filling out the network questionnaire and by explaining yourself in agreement with the passing on of your specification to network members.

The Gambia network wants:

  1. to support the communication of its members among themselves:
    • by creating a distributor,
    • by creating a publication, which reports on the work in the projects,
    • by an annual network meeting,
  2. to enable and strengthen the co-operation of individual members here and in The Gambia by advanced training events, seminars, information days and education journeys
  3. to advertise the work of its members in The Gambia to a broad public:
    • by creating a homepage of the Gambia Network
    • by creating of a travelling exhibition over the projects of its members,
    • by creating a brochure, in which the members in the network introduce themselves and their work in The Gambia.
  4. to create the possibility of carrying out lobbying for network members in The Gambia.

For the organization of the network the members in the Gambia Network choose from their middle a co-ordinator team at the annual meeting, that observes the tasks described under B for the duration of one year, as far as they are not carried out by the network members themselves.

Membership dues are not raised. Costs, which can result for punctual common actions or activities of the network, e.g. for the publication of an information brochure, are raised only with agreement of the network members.

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